Working with Andrea has been an absolute revelation! Her skills as a leader are evident during each group meeting.  She always captures each member’s sentiments, concerns and brings it full circle by validating our feelings and asking us how we’re going to handle going forward.

Prior to starting the Aligned & Balanced small group coaching program, I was adrift. I was going in so many different directions and accomplishing very little in my personal life. Business had taken over! There was no joy. Being a part of our small group has helped me realize that self-care is imperative to personal success. And, without personal success (in my case, making the time for self-care throughout the day), all the success in business means nothing.

In speaking with Andrea one-on-one, I realized with her help that I was truly “empty”. I had lost sight of “me”. I was just going through the motions. Now, I stand firm in my resolve to take care of myself—physically, mentally, spiritually.  Tiny steps taken every day over the course of the last couple of weeks have truly led to big results!